The Law Office of Maryam Kia serves Sacramento, the Greater Northern and Southern California areas, the United States and Abroad. The Sacramento-based Law Offices of Maryam Kia is dedicated to providing legal advice and services you can count on. The attorney is committed to providing legal services to individuals, families and small businesses. Maryam Kia is focused on offering confidential legal advice, guidance and dedicated representation in Immigration and Consumer Debt Defense Matters.
Confidentiality is often a major concern of clients. I understand that many legal matters are private and my clients want to maintain their privacy. My clients appreciate my ability to work discreetly to produce rapid and favorable results. Contact us today to schedule a confidential conference.
Experience, Professionalism, and Advocacy
Experience, discretion and a knack for finding creative solutions to complex challenges have been the primary strengths of the attorney. Maryam Kia leverages her negotiation and legal skills to be a powerful advocate for clients in all the varied areas of practice.
If you need a lawyer who will be attentive to your immediate legal concerns while helping you achieve long-term goals or if you would like to discuss your rights and options in resolving a difficult legal situation, we invite you to call the Law Office of Maryam Kia at 888.684.3399 for a confidential consultation with our respected attorney. You can also email us now for more information or to schedule an appointment.